WFC Committee on Faculty Affairs, Budgets and Benefits

WFC Committee on Faculty Affairs

Committee Functions

[What is the function scope of this committee]

Committee Composition and Contacts

  • Education: Joan Walker (Chair)
  • Dyson: Charles Masiello , Maria Conte-Benedict, Alex Azarchs, Augustine Mascuilli, David Rahni, Ghassan Karam, Ellen Mandel, Diane Cypkin, Lawrence Hundersmarck, Ross Robak, Marie Werner, Patricia Giurgescu
  • Seidenberg: Dan Farkas, Ronald Frank
  • CHP: Sandra Lewenson, Von Huene-Greenberg Dorothee
  • Lubin: Susanna Cahn, Ron Filante, Ed Mantell, Melissa Cardon

Sub-cmte on faculty satisfaction survey

  • Marie Werner, Lisa Fastenberg, Farrokh Hormozi, Chu-Hua Kuei, Joan Walker

Committee Business Process

[How does this committee work? How does it integrate with the corresponding School/College committees?]

Upcoming Events

[What are the upcoming events of this committee? Topics, date and time and location.]

Committee Discussion Forum [private]