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Augmented Pace Action Item Teams

The Augmented Pace Action Plan (APAP)was widely distributed to the Pace community in July 2012. This document is an augmentation of the university’s ongoing strategic plan, Opportunitas in the 21st Century: Seizing theMoment. The augmented plan supplements the existing road map by including a number of specific action items designed to enhance academic activities at Pace. After seeking input from many sources, including the administration and the faculty councils, several action item teams were established for specific items in the Augmented Pace Action Plan. Most of the action item teams have held their first meetings. They will consult with many people at Pace to collect ideas and write a one or two page bulleted report of current status, target goals, desired actions, and necessary resources. Deadline is December 3, 2012.


Augmented Pace Action Plan (APAP)

From: Uday Sukhatme, Provost

Re: Augmented Pace Action Plan (APAP)

I am attaching the Augmented Pace Action Plan (APAP). The purpose of this document is to augment the currently ongoing Pace strategic plan and make it more implementable. This APAP document, subject to further input from the Pace community, proposes a number of key additional action items (in red) which could be considered for implementation as part of the Pace strategic plan. I have learned since coming here that some of these activities are already in progress, and the intended goals are being accomplished. In that case, there may just be minor improvements to be made. However, many other action items should stimulate new thinking, and sharpen the strategic planning and implementation process. For convenience, all the additional action items proposed in this document has been listed and inserted under the six key goals of the Pace Strategic plan.

The Augmented Pace Action Plan (APAP) will be posted on the web in the next month for comments. In the meantime, small action teams are being formed to look at specific action items, get data and a current status report, suggestions for implementation, and an estimate of the resources needed. This will keep us ready for progress as resources become available, and some items will get implemented every year. I look forward to working with the Pare community. We all need to pull together in one direction in order to have impact! I look forward to this challenge with confidence!

Pace University Faculty Handbook

Included documents are:

  1. The latest 2011 version under negotiation by fall 2011
  2. Changes from the 2010 proposal to the 2011 version
  3. The 2010 proposal
  4. The 1986 version
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