IBM Analytics Briefing


In support of Pace University’s analytics initiatives, Mr. Robert Bry of IBM Academic Initiative delivered an IBM Analytics Briefing at 10AM-1PM on April 20, 2012 in Pleasantville Miller 16. The event was video-conferenced through Seidenberg School’s conference rooms 406 at Graduate Center, White Plains and 236 at 163 Williams Street, NYC. Around 22 faculty from Seidenber, Lubin and Dyson attened this event. This briefing started with an introduction to business analytics in general and data mining, data warehousing and business intelligence in particular. It also introduced the current IBM business analytics resources including SPSS, Cognos, DB2, and a rich set of courseware available to the Pace community through the IBM Academic Initiative Program, and explained how Pace University curricula could build on top of these resources through IBM cloud servers for free. This briefing will be followed by in-depth hands-on IBM workshops on May 22-23, 2012 for faculty development based on the above resources.

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A Concise Introduction to Analytics


A Concise Introduction to Analytics  - Lixin Tao

A business or organization runs business processes to deliver products or services. A business process specifies the business’s input/output, workflow, decision making, and interaction with collaborating processes or environment. A meta-process is used to create new processes and adapt the existing processes for objective/environment changes and process optimization. Traditionally, business processes are specified in natural languages so they cannot be easily validated or optimized; and the decision-making depends more on experience, intuition and artistic talent.

Basic Definition of Analytics

Analytics is decision-making based on data, analysis, and systematic reasoning [1]. Put more concisely: analytics is data-driven decision-making.

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The 5 Hardest Jobs to Fill in 2012


By Keith Cline |  @VentureFizz   | Dec 19, 2011 |

While you're planning your expansion, you're going to find that talent is in short supply, especially in these five areas.

The year flew by mostly because it was a very, very busy one.

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Technology Career Fair on Wednesday, November 2 from 4-6pm in the Level C Gym, One Pace Plaza

Are you looking for an internship or full-time job? Don't miss this great opportunity to speak with recruiters and employers! Attend the Technology Career Fair on Wednesday, November 2 from 4-6pm in the Level C Gym, One Pace Plaza. Check out the list of registered employers here:

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IBM Master the Mainframe Contest

Contest homepage: . The contest runs from October 3 through December 28. Visit Lixin Mainframe Resources for rich resources helping you prepare for this contest.

IBM Smarter Planet Comes To You "Skills Tour" at Pace Pleasantville Campus

IBM Smarter Planet Comes To You "Skills Tour" will be help at Pace University Pleasantville campus on October 11, 2011.

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