Faculty Institute - Pace University Analytics Initiative

The yearly Pace University Faculty Institite was held on May 17-18, 2012. Prof. Lixin Tao and Prof. Hsui-lin Winkler of Seidenberg, Prof. Janice Kim Winch of Lubin, and Prof. Walter Morris of Dyson ran a Pace University Analytics Initiative session at 1:40PM of May 17. The main objective of the session is to share analytics courseware with our colleagues and integrate analytics into all Pace programs. Over 30 faculty and students attended the session. Prod. Tao introduced the history and objectives of this initiative. Prof. Winch introduced Lubin School's Quantitative Business Analysis (QBA) Program and course contents. Prof. Morris described the process that he developed the Dyson version of data mining course and his experience with the course. Prof. Winkler presented Seidenberg School's data mining courses and the achievements and satisfaction that students have achieved through these courses. This session is complimented by the two-day IBM Analytics Workshops on Cognos and SPSS on May 22-23, 2012.