Modern Business Process Management

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Modern Business Process Management                               4 credits
Prerequisite: Applied Statistics
Course Description: Building the Six Sigma infrastructure. Six Sigma goals and metrics. Creating customer-driven organizations. Training for Six Sigma. Six Sigma teams. Selecting and tracking Six Sigma projects. Introduction to DMAIC and other improvement models. Problem solving tools. Basic principles of measurement. Measurement systems analysis. Knowledge discovery. Statistical process control techniques. Process capability analysis. Statistical analysis of cause and effect. Managing Six Sigma projects. Risk assessment. Design of experiment. Maintaining control after the project.  Design for Six Sigma. Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma.
Sample Textbook: “The Six Sigma Handbook”, Thomas Pyzdek, McGraw-Hill 2003, ISBN 0-07-141015-5. Prof. Christian Madu and Prof. Chu-Hua Kuei are domain experts and must have better textbooks.
Developer: Lubin faculty

Alternative: Company MoreSteam delivers online coursesware for this course to multiple universities with excellent lab support, simulation and references, and it charges $500 per student. See case study for its adoption by Ohio State's undergraduate engineering program.