Economics 396: Forecasting and Data Mining - Prof. Walter Morris

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Economics 396: Forecasting and Data Mining

Dr. Walter Morris


Textbook, Software, and Data Bases

  1. Galit Shmueli, Nitin R Patel, and Peter C Bruce, Data Mining for Business Intellegence, Wiley, 2007.
  1. The XLMiner Data Mining/Forecasting computer program is available free with the textbook.  If  XLMiner is not packaged with the text do not purchase the book!
  1. The ECONOMAGIC data base which is supplied on the Pace Network and is free.
  1. SAS Enterprise Miner 5.3 computer program is provided by Pace free of charge.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to give students a detailed understanding of the mathematical methodologies associated with Data Mining.  Emphasis is placed on two forms of Data Mining: Supervised and Unsupervised Data Mining.  Students will also be required to demonstrate competence using the Data Mining programs residing in XLMiner.  There is also an introduction to the Data Mining computer software programs residing in SAS Enterprise Miner 5.3.  Data bases, in particular ECONMAGIC, are also explored in detail.

At the conclusion of the course students are expected to:

  1. Understand Data Mining as it relates to current economic/financial issues.
  2. To evaluate economic issues from a variety of different Data Mining perspectives.
  3. To critically evaluate different research methodologies with regards to current Data Mining problems.
  4. To demonstrate critical analytical and thinking skills as they relate to Data Mining issues.
  5. Be able to evaluate Data Mining issues from both a global as well as a national perspective.
  6. To demonstrate competence in several Data Mining computer packages such as SAS Enterprise Miner 5.3, and XLMiner.
  7. To demonstrate competence in handling data bases such as ECONOMAGIC as applied to forecasting issues.